A propósito

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Harvesting is done carefully: they go through each plot three times picking each of the three grapes separately to obtain grapes at exactly the correct ripeness. The grapes are placed in 10kg cases to keep the fruit in the best condition. The grapes are selected in the winery on a sorting table and the final selection is made at blending time.


The vineyard is small: 15 hectares over 60 plots, planted with tempranillo, local grape variety, but also with grenache and albillo, Rudeles is one of the few (the only) to grow hundred old grenache in the Ribera del Duero area.

Strong Links

The winery is owned by a a group of four men who are lifetime friends, brothers in law and brothers.


They are environmentally conscious: chemical treatments are kept to a minimum on young vines. This respect for the land enables these fine Spanish wines to give a better sense of the terroir.


Pleasing award winning wines with a body refined with silky tannins are the result. French oak barrels give a light vanilla touch to the wines; the oak is well integrated.


Rudeles 23 and Finca la Nación have new labels: their elegant image reflects their unique personalities.